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SINCE 1985



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Woods Hole

30’ Vibracore Sampling


Client: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, MA

Completion Date: 2007

Contract Value: $160k

Sea Surveyor, Inc. was contracted by the world-famous WOODS HOLE OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE to collect core samples in 200’-400’ water depths and 100-miles from shore on the New Jersey Continental Shelf. For 2-weeks during August 2007, Sea Surveyor personnel deployed our 20’ and 30’ ALPINE vibracore from the R/V KNORR and collected cores of ancient river sediments laid down 50,000 years ago when sealevel was lower. After Sea Surveyor collected the core samples, scientists split, sectioned, logged, and froze the cores. Vibracore operations were conducted 24-hours per day. The 30’ Vibracore was deployed in up to 5’-6’ seas and 20-knot winds, while the 20’ Vibracore was deployed in up to 8’-10’ seas with 30-knot winds. Typically, 8-10 core samples are collected during each 12-hour shift.



Sea Surveyor deployed our vibracore from the R/V KNORR, which is famous for discovering the TITANIC in 1985.

Alpine Core










Scientists examine 6m (20’)
long sediment core sample.