Sea Surveyor, Inc
SINCE 1985



Precision marine surveys for the engineering community




Ocean Outfall Design Study


Client: Bechtel Corporation

Completion Date: 1991

Contract Value: $85K


Local Canoe used for Surveying.



Sea Surveyor conducted a complex 1-year oceanographic investigation along the southeast coast of Thailand. Our oceanographic data was used to design an ocean intake/outfall structure for a Japanese-owned aquaculture farm. Our survey characterized the oceanographic conditions immediately before and after the monsoon season. The data collected during the oceanographic investigation included:

• Plume dye studies and drogue tracking along 70 km of the Thailand coastline.

• Steady-state dye studies using existing ocean outfall structures.

• 1-year current monitoring using InterOcean S-4 current meters.

• 1-year tide monitoring to establish mean sea level.

• Beach profiles along 24 transects spaced at 1-mile intervals along shore.

• Sediment sampling near location of proposed intake structures.


Results from Drogue and Patch Dye Study.



Dye Study

Results from Steady-State Dye Study.