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Sea Level Monitoring

Tide Monitoring For Sea Level Datums


Sea Surveyor monitors tide and computes the elevation of sea level using NOAA-compliant equipment, methods and standards.  Sea Surveyor has monitored tides and computed sea level datums in support of NOAA’s V-DATUM project and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Comprehensive Evaluation of Project Datums (CEPD) project.  Sea Surveyor monitors sea level by installing bubbler tide gauges, downward-looking radar units, or Aquatrak acoustic tide gauges inside stilling wells that record water surface elevations at 6-minute intervals for continuous periods of 1-month, 3-months, or 1-year.  Sea Surveyor technicians are factory-trained in the use and servicing of data loggers manufactured by SUTRON, STEVENS, and others.  Cellular modems transmit the water level elevations to Sea Surveyor’s SSITIDE website for real-time data plotting and review.


Tide Record


Land surveyors provide NAVD-88 elevations for tidal benchmarks.

Tide Station2

NOS Tide Station 941-4575










Tidal Benchmark