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Paleochannel Surveys

Alpine Core

30′ ALPINE Vibracore

Paleochannels are ancient riverbeds created when sea level was lower that now lie buried beneath the seafloor, filled with aggregate (sand/gravel/cobbles).  Sea Surveyor uses sophisticated seismic reflection and refraction techniques to map buried paleochannels.  Paleochannels are unique, with each having different subbottom layering, thicknesses and aggregate compositions.  Sea Surveyor uses a combination of CHIRP, boomer, and sparker systems to map buried paleochannels.  After completing the seismic reflection survey, Sea Surveyor interprets the subbottom profiles and creates an isopach (sediment thickness) map.  Elevation contour maps of the seafloor and subbottom layers are prepared in graphic and digital formats.  Seismic reflection surveys are ground-truth’ed using an ALPINE vibracore to collect continuous 20’ to 40’ long core samples of the aggregates within the paleochannel.


CHIRP Subbottom Profilers








Paleo Channel3

Subbottom Profile



 Example Projects:

                       Oceanside Paleochannel Survey

                       Malibu Paleochannel Survey



Contour Chart

Contour maps of Malibu seafloor and buried bedrock


Micro-paleontologists search for micro-fossils in the ancient river sediments collected at sea by the ALPINE vibracore