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Morro Bay Wetlands

Sediment Core Sampling


Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District

Completion Date: 2002

Contract Value: $45K


20’ x 40’ Barge with Vibracore

During November 2002, Sea Surveyor collected 18 sediment core samples of nominal 10’ length at eighteen (18) locations in the salt marsh and wetlands of Morro Bay, California. The sediment samples were collected from a shallow-draft 20’ x 40’ barge using a pneumatic vibratory corer (vibracore) and a portable Macro Core GeoProbe Sampler. The barge, propelled by a 22’ boat with twin outboard motors, is capable of floating in as little as 0.5 meters of water. The sediment sampling was conducted during the highest annual tides of 2002 to enable the shallow-draft barge to access the salt marsh and upland sampling sites using the natural meandering channels of Chorro Creek and Los Osos Creek.


Sea Surveyor collected the sediment samples for the LA District, Corps of Engineers. Sea Surveyor was responsible for providing the barge, push boat, vibracore/GeoProbe and an experienced crew. Sea Surveyor collected the cores, removed the sediment samples from the liners, took digital photographs of the cores, maintained penetration/location logs, and assisted the Corps with physical and chemical subsampling.



Map of Morro Bay Showing Core Locations



Mini-Vibracore is raised from deck of barge