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Marine Vegetation

Side ScanSea Surveyor has been conducting marine vegetation surveys for environmental companies and regulatory agencies since the early 1990′s. With our extensive experience and new high-resolution sonar equipment, Sea Surveyor can produce highly-accurate charts showing the spatial distribution and density of different species of marine vegetation, as well as water depth, sediment type, and size/shape of reefs.

Sea Surveyor locates and delineates reefs and areas of marine vegetation using a high-frequency side-scan sonar and a survey-grade fathometer. After the sonar data is interpreted aboard the survey boat, a detailed chart is produced that allow divers to immediately confirm the vegetation type, vegetation density, and reef height.



2012: Sonar survey in Richmond Harbor and Port of Oakland to map the spatial distribution and density of eelgrass beds in support of Channel Deepening Projects. Client: Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District

2000: Side-scan sonar surveys along the San Diego County coastline to locate reefs and chart the distribution and density of marine vegetation. Client: San Diego Association of Governments

1999: Diver surveys at US Coast Guard Station, San Diego for pre-dredge assessment of marine vegetation. Client: United States Coast Guard, Civil Engineering Unit

1996: Side-scan sonar and fathometer survey of the Port of Richmond Terminal 4 in San Francisco Bay to identify and quantify areas with marine vegetation. Client: Wickland Oil Company




Sonar Image of Artificial Reef with Sand Waves


Side-Scan Record showing Natural Reef with Giant Kelp (Macrocystis)










Habitat Map1

Benthic Habitat Map



Fathometer Record showing
Seafloor with Kelp in Water