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Live the Dream!

Children will love and appreciate the ocean after spending a weekend working alongside real-life oceanographers aboard an actual oceanographic research vessel, the R/V LIGHTNING.  Children experience the thrill of discovery while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Children learn at sea during the day and sleep aboard the boat at night, safe in port. Children learn to identify whales, dolphins and other sea life while driving the vessel under the Captain’s watchful supervision. Children use sonar to find a sunken boat and collect mud samples to study benthic animals.

Certificates of Achievement are awarded for completion of the Navigator, Sonar Operator and Marine Wildlife Observer courses.





72′ Research Vessel LIGHTNING

Kid Driving

Children drive boats under Captain’s supervision












Children also receive “suddenly in charge” training that provides invaluable skills useful throughout life:

• Boat driving basics

• How to start/stop boat engines

• How an anchor works

• How to use a fire extinguisher

• How to call for help on a VHF radio

• Use of flares, horns and signaling devices

• Man-overboard procedures



Schedule For Weekend Activities

                           Time                          ACTIVITY

Saturday           07:00-07:30              Welcome Aboard!   Tour of boat

   07:30-08:00              Breakfast aboard LIGHTNING

   08:00-08:30              Introduction to seamanship and safety at sea

   08:30-10:30               Shake-down cruise, with boat driving lessons for kids

   10:30-12:00              “Suddenly in charge” training for kids

   12:00-13:00               Lunch at sea

   13:00-14:00               Collect benthic mud samples for sieving

   14:00-14:30               Marine mammal identification

   14:30-17:00               Cruise for marine mammal observations

   17:00-18:00               Return from sea, record observations

   17:00-18:00               Return from sea, record observations

   19:00-20:00               Sea stories and sea chanties

                          20:00-21:30              Movie Time!  Age-appropriate ocean science film

    21:30-Dawn            Sleep aboard R/V LIGHTNING, safe in boat slip

Sunday               07:00-07:30             Breakfast

    07:30-08:00             Introduction to side-scan sonar

    08:00-09:30             Conduct side-scan sonar search for sunken boat

    09:30-12:00             Cruise:  Explore different ocean environments

    12:00-12:30              Lunch at sea

   12:30- 14:30             Graduation cruise:  Final Exams

    14:30-15:00              Return to dock

    15:00-15:30             Presentations of certificates/Snacks

    15:30                      Goodbyes!

• Children’s ages: 5 to 14 years of age. Groups of 4-8 preferred.

• Activities customized to age of children.

• Courses designed by California certified teachers.

• Parents welcome to join daytime activities.

• Free pickup and drop-off at San Diego Airport.

• Costs less than a weekend at Disneyland or a Lake Shasta houseboat.