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Lake Surveys

Sea Surveyor has surveyed over 60 lakes and reservoirs in 5 Western States, ranging in elevation from sea level to over 7,000’. Our tow vehicles have trailered our survey boats over 9,000’ mountain passes, and launched the boats in lakes without boat ramps. Our vessel’s have enclosed, heated cabins that allow surveys to continue in winter during rain/snow conditions.

Our 26’ survey vessel has a radiator-cooled engine, which guarantees no release of oil or gasoline into the lake.  Modern sanitation systems contain all waste. Electric-powered motors propel our smaller survey boats in pristine lakes.

Hydrographic surveys are typically used to map underwater topography and compute lake capacity tables.  Subbottom profiling surveys measure the thickness of sediment layers.

Betty Jo

Hetch Hetchy Reservoir Survey for San Francisco PUC, 2001

Partial List of Lakes Surveyed by SEA SURVEYOR

YEAR        LAKES                                         CLIENT

2012       Lake Wolhford                             City of Escondido
2011       Lake Del Valle                              CA Dept. of Boating & Waterways        
2010       Lake Mendocino                          US Army Corps of Engineers                     
2007       Diamond Valley                           LA Municipal Water District                    
2006       Lake Isabella                                Corps of Engineers, Sacramento             
2005       Lexington, Uvas, & Chesbro         Santa Clara Valley Water Dist.      
2003       Lake Almanor                               Pacific Gas & Electric Co.                      
2001       Hetch Hetchy Reservoir                 San Francisco Water District          
2000       Folsom Reservoir                           Bureau of Reclamation                      
2000       7 Lakes and Reservoirs              San Francisco Water District             
1999       Caples, Silver, & Echo                   El Dorado Irrigation District             
1992       Slab Creek Reservoir                     Sacramento Muni Utility District     
1992       Clifton Court Forebay                   Calif. Depart. of Water Resources     
1990       Lake Naciemiento                        Monterey County Flood Control        
1990       Lake Morgan, Arizona                  Arizona Public Service Co.                 
1989       Bridgeport Reservoir                     Walker River Irrigation District      
1988       Lake Cachuma                            Bureau of Land Management                  
Lake Mendocino3
      Lake Mendocino Multibeam Survey for USACE, 2010