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Lake Almanor



Client: Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Completion Date: 2002

Contract Value: $ 90K

Betty Jo

In 2000 and 2002, Sea Surveyor conducted a series of hydrographic surveys, subbottom profiling, and diving inspections in Lake Almanor, California at elevation 4,500’.  The purpose for the surveys is to provide information for the engineering design of a proposed submerged intake canal to provide cold, deep lake water to sustain salmon migration in the Feather River.  Specific tasks included:


• Class 1 Hydrographic Surveys near intake structures and proposed areas for canal.

• Detailed Hydrographic Surveys of all shallow areas (<30’ deep) for boater safety, including identifying and mapping “hazards-to-navigation” and all aids-to-navigation (buoys).

• Class 2 Hydrographic Survey of Entire Lake for comparison against historical contour maps.

• Subbottom Profiling (Seismic Reflection) near intake structures and proposed areas for canal.

• Geotechnical Investigation of proposed areas for canal construction using diver jet-probes.

• Diving Inspection of 24 boat-launch ramps to determine the elevation of the bottom of ramp.

• Shoreline Erosion Study along 18-miles of the Lake to compare against historical records.

Contour Chart

Detailed Contour Chart of Intake Canal

Subbottom Record

Subbottom Profiling Record

Bathy Chart

Bathymetric Contour Chart of Lake Almanor