Sea Surveyor, Inc
SINCE 1985



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Key Staff


 Kelley Vickers:  Corporate President

Kelley Vickers

Kelley Vickers: Corporate President


Ms. Kelley Vickers is President of Sea Surveyor, Inc., a position she has held for over 20-years. Ms. Vickers has a BS degree from CSU Sacramento. As President of Sea Surveyor, Ms. Vickers is in charge of the day-to-day operation of the business, including:

• Ensuring high quality service.

• Training employees to perform key functions within the firm.

• Guiding the firm for an adequate return on investments.

• Establishing effective long-range objectives, goals, and plans.

• Managing the finances and accounting.

• Providing effective leadership to the firm.

• Representing the firm at negotiations and meetings.

Before becoming President of Sea Surveyor, Ms. Vickers spent 10-years managing Sea Surveyor’s Computerized Mapping Department. As manager, Ms. Vickers was responsible for overseeing the processing of all bathymetric, marine geophysical, and oceanographic data collected by Sea Surveyor. Ms. Vickers is expert at implementing QA/QC procedures and preparing final deliverables for client review.

Ms. Vickers has been involved in many of the international projects conducted by Sea Surveyor, including hydrographic surveys for Bechtel in Costa Rica and Indonesia, and geophysical surveys in the Dominican Republic.



Steven Mack Sullivan:  Vice-President of Operations


Mr. Sullivan is expert at operating vibracores and imaging the seafloor with multibeam sonar, side-scan sonar, magnetometer and seismic reflection systems.



Mr. Sullivan received a B.S. degree in Oceanography from Humboldt State University in 1977.  Mr. Sullivan is a world-class oceanographer with over 30-years of experience at conducting complex marine surveys.  He has been in charge of international surveys for multi-billion dollar construction projects. His international experience includes surveying 400-miles of previously uncharted rivers in the Amazon Region of Peru, a 1-year oceanographic investigation in Thailand, and hydrographic surveys in Turkey, Indonesia, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic.  Mr. Sullivan received specialized training from the Smithsonian Institute in 1998 for interacting with indigenous Amazon Indians. In 2009, Shell trained Mr. Sullivan in cold water survival and cultural interactions with Alaskan Native Americans for a survey in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.

Mr. Sullivan is one of the most experienced marine surveyors in California. During the past 30-years, Mr. Sullivan has surveyed every marina and harbor in California, including the Ports of San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Oakland.  For 22-years, Mr. Sullivan has been project manager for a IDIQ survey contract with the San Francisco District, Corps of Engineers.  As the Corps’ IDIQ marine surveyor for Northern California he has surveyed the entire Sacramento Delta on multiple occasions.  For USGS in 2005, Mr. Sullivan surveyed 250 square miles of South San Francisco Bay.

In Southern California, Mr. Sullivan mapped the offshore sand resources of San Diego County for the 1999 SANDAG beach nourishment project and he was in charge of the 1994 Geotechnical Investigation for Deepening the Queensgate Entrance Channel into the Port of Long Beach. In 2008, Mr. Sullivan surveyed 300-miles of the Lower Colorado River for the US Bureau of Reclamation.  Mr. Sullivan conducted seismic reflection (subbottom profiling) surveys in 2011 along the San Diego County coastline for a desalination plant and in 2012 for the City of Malibu’s wastewater outfall.

On the US East Coast, Mr. Sullivan collected vibracore sediment cores in 400’ water depths for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  He also collected vibracore samples for the US Army Corps of Engineers for a pre-dredge investigation in Fort Myers, Florida.



Shawn Emard:  Manager of Data Processing

Shawn Emard

Shawn Emard conducted the historic survey of South SF Bay for USGS.


Mr. Emard is responsible for editing soundings, making tide corrections, converting datums, and interpreting geophysical data for preparation of bathymetric charts and Seafloor Feature Maps.  Mr. Emard is an expert at using HYPACK software, including HYPACK MAX and HYSWEEP.  He works closely with local Corps Districts to process soundings and compute dredge volumes for major construction projects, such as the Oakland Deepening.  Recently (2011-2012) Mr. Emard is mapping Southern California paleo-channels (ancient buried riverbeds) using high-resolution CHIRP subbottom profilers for engineering design of a desalination plant at US Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and a wastewater treatment plant for the City of Malibu.

Mr. Emard is a local authority on benchmarks and datum conversions in San Francisco Bay and Delta.  He personally set over 90 tidal benchmarks in San Francisco Bay and Delta, and worked with NOAA and local land surveyors to establish their MLLW and NAVD-88 elevations.  Mr. Emard has also installed and maintained several NOAA compliant tide gauges on the California coast.

During his 8-years with Sea Surveyor, Mr. Emard has surveyed Suisun Bay, South San Francisco Bay, North San Francisco Bay Delta and dozens of lakes, creeks, and sloughs. Mr. Emard has also collected many vibracore samples including collecting samples for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute on the East Coast and for the US Army Corps of Engineers in Fort Myers, Florida. His international experience includes a complex marine geophysical survey in the Caribbean that required collecting side-scan and seismic reflection data in the Open Sea, and on-site interpretation.