Sea Surveyor, Inc
SINCE 1985



Precision marine surveys for the engineering community






Sea Surveyor has 23-years of experience at conducting marine surveys at remote, international locations. We have successfully conducted oceanographic and marine geophysical surveys on 5 of the earth’s 7 continents. We can provide quick mobilization and on-site interpretation anywhere on Earth.


Many international projects are simple hydrographic surveys that take less than a week to complete and cost less than $20,000, excluding airfare. These simple international surveys are typically conducted by one of our highly trained surveyors, who hire local boats and personnel as necessary to complete the project. Our miniaturized survey equipment is hand-carried aboard commercial airlines by the surveyor, which saves airfreight charges and eliminates import-export delays. The surveyor is capable of processing and plotting the data on-site using a powerful laptop computer, or the survey data can be transmitted via satellite telephone to Sea Surveyor’s U.S. office for analysis. Examples of simple international projects include:

• Hydrographic survey of Batam Island, Indonesia.

• Pipeline survey in the Black Sea, Turkey.

• Hydrographic survey of the Port of Limon, Costa Rica.

For complex, long-term surveys outside the United States, Sea Surveyor typically purchases a local boat, re-configures it for conducting the survey, and then sells it at the end of the project. Survey personnel are permanently assigned to long-term overseas projects until completion. Three examples of complex international surveys conducted by Sea Surveyor include:


 • Nautical Charting of Amazon Rivers

  Caribbean Survey for Mooring Design

 • Thailand Ocean Outfall Investigation