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Survey Vessels

Sea Surveyor owns 3 custom-built hydrographic survey vessels, ranging from 14′ to 26′ in overall length. Each of our survey vessels are designed to operate in a specific environment, ranging from rough seas found in offshore marine waters, to choppy conditions present in large harbors, to the calm waters of shallow lakes and coastal lagoons.

SRV Vessel
The BETTY JO is a 26′ Farallon Whaleback built in 1989 to survey in hazardous locations, such as near breakwaters, jettys, harbor entrances, or surf zones.  The BETTY JO comes complete with trailer and tow vehicle.   The BETTY JO features a “transducer well” through the center of the vessel for mounting single-beam and multibeam sonars. The BETTY JO has a large, roomy cabin for surveying in inclement weather and spacious work tables for computers and recorders. A built-in 5kW generator powers the depth sounders, navigation computer, printer, and plotter. A 10′ A-frame at the stern of the BETTY JO allows for the deployment and recovery of divers, oceanographic sensors, and sediment samplers.


Firefly16’ FIREFLY: The FIREFLY is a 16’ reinforced bottom (RIB) Zodiac survey boat that is ideal for surveying in surf zones, marinas, shallow water sloughs, lakes, and wetland areas.  The FIREFLY is equipped with 5 airtight compartments which provide excellent stability and buoyancy for working in difficult marine environments.  Powered by a 40-hp Mercury 4-stroke outboard motor, the FIREFLY  has a top speed of over 20-knots.




Sounder14’ SOUNDER:  Sea Surveyor uses a 14’ aluminum skiff for surveying in shallow water sloughs, lakes, and wetland areas.  The 14’ SOUNDER is lightweight and can be carried from its trailer to the water by 2 surveyors.  The SOUNDER is powered by an 18-hp NISSAN outboard motor, and has a steering console and bimini top.




VehiclesAll hydrographic survey vessels come complete with tow vehicle and trailer for quick and inexpensive transport to the survey area.